Finances and Life
Money value, money and number recognition, basic math, legal papers and issues, recognition of scams and frauds, identification of trustworthy sources of help.

Human Relations & Communications
Public conduct, expressing feelings, getting help, conflict resolution, individual rights, respecting others, public safety, listening, greetings, conversations, answering the telephone, danger and warning signs, appropriate manners, confidentiality, recognizing non-verbal communication.

Leisure Arts/Recreation & Fitness
Group games, sewing, music, Special Olympics, plants & gardening, crafts, current events, photography, drawing, art, movies, stretching, exercise, physical activities.

Food preparation, food planning, shopping, cleaning, safety, eating in the community.

Clothing Care
Laundry products and operation and maintenance, wearing seasonal clothing, size selection, mending, ironing versus dry cleaning.

Personal Development
Hygiene, shaving, hair and nail care, personal care products, make-up, communication of medical needs, first aid, safety, medication, contacting a physician.

Household Operation and Maintenance
General household upkeep, cleaning, shopping, safety, plant and lawn care.

Transition Services
Getting a job, keeping a job, following instructions, communicating with co-workers, rules, responsibilities, productivity, workplace safety.

Personal Care & Medical Needs
Because Civitan Services focuses on development of the whole person, services such as toileting, grooming, medication assistance, eating assistance and exercise routines are provided for individuals who require additional care.

The Wings of Success Transition Program

The Wings of Success Program class starts each day with personal goals they have set for themselves the day before. As they work throughout the day they are able to self-assess their progress. Staff is there to provide support as needed.

The curriculum used in this program is published by the James Stanfield Company and is designed to assist in the transition from school to career and adulthood. Emphasis is put on personal, career and life management. The Transition instructor assists each client in identifying their strengths and weaknesses to achieve maximum independence in the workforce. This group is geared toward obtaining gainful employment in the community while continuing their personal growth through the classroom.

Graduation and becoming an independent member of the community is the ultimate goal for each individual in this group. Some of our clients are currently employed/volunteering in the community.

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